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Translate Bad Habits, Into Good Ones

Art Director—2021—D&AD Submission

Other contributions

What better way to escape the passive aggressive threat of the Duolingo owl than by using the app regularly? This back-to-school campaign aims to encourage routine use of the app through conveniently placed advertisements where bad habits are practiced the most. It invites youth aged 16-22 to kick off their school year by working to replace their bad habit with a 5 minute language lesson!

As my team members focused on research and designing the advertisements for our campaign, I focused on building messaging that stayed true to Duolingo’s brand while matching the playfulness of our concept. To add an extra layer of mischief and really reinforce our idea, I pitched placing our advertisements directly in areas where the bad habits are practiced most.

Video Editor (Case Study Video) Narration (Case Study Video) / In-App Design



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