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Designer, Copywriter—2021—Young Ones Shortlist

Other contributions

The Apology Burger is a humorous and honest response to the mistrust young adults feel towards fast food items. The Burger King campaign acknowledges the wrongdoings of chain restaurants by apologizing directly to its audience. And the best way to show you’re sorry? Through free limited edition burgers (and multiple dramatic public apologies, of course).



We knew from the get-go that we wanted to utilize Spotify’s platform to bring together their top artists in order to introduce the app’s audiobook feature. However, our biggest obstacle was this: how would we present it in a way that’s catchy? This is where I pitched ‘Bookify’, a simple transformation of the Spotify app, both in name and logo, that would take place over a single day. While my teammate focused on building the OOH and PR campaigns, I developed the in-app features and messaging.

In-App Design (Album + Audiobook covers) / Logo Design / Social Media Posts



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