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The Apology Burger

Art Director—2021—Young Ones Submission

Other contributions

The Apology Burger is a humorous and honest response to the mistrust young adults feel towards fast food items. The Burger King campaign acknowledges the wrongdoings of chain restaurants by apologizing directly to its audience. And the best way to show you’re sorry? Through free limited edition burgers (and multiple dramatic public apologies, of course).

While my team focused on building the visuals and copy for the campaign, I was in charge of brainstorming the most effective ways to get through to our audience. Upon finding mainly negative responses to fast food chains on social media, I decided to present our ‘apology’ as an online sporadic response that would be sure to garner our target’s attention: heartfelt replies on Twitter, banners on Google searches and app notifications that appeared once you passed by a Burger King. We then needed an incentive to get young adults to accept our messaging, and this is where “The Apology Burger” was coined.

Video Editor (Case Study Video) / In-App Advertising Design / Mockups Design



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